Talent Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Have you taken the time to figure out what motivates you? Do you know your purpose? If not, that's perfectly fine.... It takes time to create a masterpiece... If you have your motivation figured out, that's fantastic! Now, it's time to put that motivation in motion!

In my motivation blog, you may remember me asking you what gives you the energy to lay it all on the line. I even went on to tell you that I resigned from my job to pursue my passion.  My passion. Passion runs so much deeper than being good at something.  Passion comes from the heart, and you are loyal to whatever you're passionate about doing.  Some people are passionate about styling hair or modeling clothes. If you had to choose between your passion and making extra money by doing something boring or dangerous, people who are loyal to their passions will more than likely turn down the extra money. 

Actor Terry Crews was an NFL player who retired to pursue acting.  He was guaranteed a large salary just for showing up at games, but he chose to pursue acting and try out for parts, hoping to land the role. Most people would have stayed with the NFL and the guaranteed money.  However, Terry's passion is with acting and his purpose is to entertain people and perform philanthropic acts along the way.  In essence, his talent was his motivation to pursue his passion.

What is that one God-given talent that gives you life just as coffee awakens your morning senses? Which talent do you possess that encourages others to do well in life? Think about what motivates you, and then think about how you can use that talent to help others...


Posted on November 17, 2015 and filed under Motivation.