Motivation Monday (kinda late...)

Happy post-Monday (aka Tuesday)!!

Do you remember the commercial from the '90s with a guy on stage saying, "Excuse me. What is my motivation?" As a kid, I didn't really understand that line. However, as an adult it's clear that he was asking what was his reason for being on stage. Today, my question for you is: What is your motivation? Why do you wake up each day? What is your purpose in life?

On the Welcome page of my website, I ask my visitors if you are living or merely existing.  Some of you may need clarity on the question, so here goes... When you walk in your God-given purpose, you finally realize what it feels like to live.  I don't mean live in the sense of breathing and brain functioning.  I mean living as in adding value to life and enjoying all that God has destined for you. 

Do you know your purpose in life? Believe it or not, the thing that motivates you is more than likely your purpose.  Ironically, I fuss about how kids drive me crazy, but I wrote a children's book, and I want to adopt like five or ten kids. Making kids happy and showing them their greatness motivates me. Therefore, my purpose is obviously to empower kids through writing and speaking.

What thought or feeling gives you energy and makes you want lay it all on the line to achieve that goal? My husband is an artist, and I've watched him create many masterpieces.  He has been excited about some pieces, and unmotivated by others. However, I've never seen him uninterested in hosting paint parties (especially for kids).  His energy is on another level when he's helping others tap into their artistic sides.  He possesses that same energy when he's mentoring young men.  Obviously, his purpose is to work with young men to teach them the skills they may not be blessed to learn at home. My role is the same for young women.

For about ten years, I worked in mental health, and I was good at keeping the company organized and ensuring they were in compliance with regulations.  However, just because I was good at it didn't mean it was my purpose.  Six months and two days ago, I finally resigned from my job and pursued my passion. You have no idea how rewarding that decision has been! I am absolutely walking in my purpose, and God is blessing me every step of the way!

If you are unsure of your God-given purpose, take the time to meditate and receive confirmation from God. You may even want to fast and clear your thoughts to ensure you hear from Him. Find your motivation, and walk in your purpose...

Posted on November 17, 2015 and filed under Motivation.