Thankful Thursday

When was the last time you simply said, "Thank You" instead of complaining? I know, I know... You always say it, but I'm asking when did you last avoid a complaint to show gratitude instead. Check this out...


1. Ugh this stupid traffic drives me crazy!

2. This idiot messed up my burger!

3. These kids are too loud!

4. My food is cold!

5. My drink isn't cold!

6. My child won't sit down and shut up!

7. My husband stays home too much!

8. My parents call me too much!

9. My granny keeps me on the phone too long!

10. These kids come to my house too much! Where are their parents??

Reason to be Thankful:

1. You're not the person or the relative of the person who died in the wreck that has traffic backed up.

2. You're not the "idiot" whose mind is occupied with being molested, evicted, or a victim of domestic violence.

3. You have kids while a family is mourning another miscarriage.

4. You're not starving like millions of children, orphans, homeless people, and elderly people.

5. You don't have to walk miles to get water from an unclean source.

6. You're not the parent of a child who can't move or speak.

7. Your husband isn't committing adultery while you're home trying to figure out what you can do to make him change.

8. Your parents are alive. Moreover, you know your parents.

9. Your precious jewel is still with you.

10. You're not the kid who escapes to the neighbor's house to avoid being abused at home.

Life isn't all bad, but you never know what someone is going through from day to day. Try to be thankful for the small things in life before you complain. FYI: Abuse, depression, and neglect are often hidden behind smiles, makeup, and jokes. Your simple act of gratitude could be just what a person needs to realize their value in life. Start your thankful journey today, and notice how many people you will bless along the way...

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Posted on November 19, 2015 .